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이경철 총회장

Ted Kyung Chul Lee, 29th President

Ted Kyungchul Lee, the 29th president of the United States, took office on May 20, 2023, bringing with him a remarkable record of service and dedication to the local Korean American community. For more than two decades, President Lee has been a driving force in numerous organizations, particularly the Atlanta Korean American Chamber of Commerce (KACCUSA), where he held various positions of leadership. Throughout his tenure, President Lee's unwavering commitment to KACCUSA and his selfless volunteer work have played a pivotal role in propelling the economic progress of the Korean American community in the United States. His significant contributions have fostered a stronger sense of unity and opportunity, making him a respected figure and an invaluable asset to the Korean American community.


Dear Members and Friends,


Iit is a profound honor and humbling experience to stand before you today as the newly elected President of this esteemed organization. I want to express my sincere gratitude for your trust and confidence in me to lead this Chamber of Commerce.

Before I proceed, I would like to acknowledge the exceptional leadership of our current President, Byung Goo Hwang. During his tenure, President Hwang showed remarkable dedication and commitment to the Chamber, leading us towards unprecedented success. Under his guidance, the Chamber flourished, achieving goals that once seemed impossible. As I step into the role of President, I assure you that I am fully committed to maintaining the policies that have contributed to the extraordinary development of the Chamber under President Hwang's leadership. With his support and guidance, I am confident that we can continue to build on the strong foundation that he has laid and achieve even greater success in the years to come.

As we all know, Korean American businesses play a vital role in the United States economy, and our organization represents the interests of over 300,000 Korean American businesses. This enormous responsibility requires us to work together to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead. As we begin this new chapter, I want to assure you that my administration will focus on three key priorities: advocacy, networking, and growth.

Firstly, advocacy will be at the heart of our mission. We will work tirelessly to represent the interests of Korean American businesses, both in the United States and abroad. We will collaborate with lawmakers and policymakers to ensure that our voices are heard and that our businesses have the support they need to thrive.

Secondly, networking is critical to the success of any business, and we will create opportunities for our members to connect, share ideas and resources. We will host events, seminars, and workshops to facilitate these connections, and we will use technology to bring our members together, even when we cannot meet in person.

Thirdly, growth is essential for our businesses to succeed, and we will focus on providing our members with the tools and resources they need to grow and thrive. We will provide training, mentorship, and access to funding and resources to help our members reach their full potential.

Lastly, as we work to support Korean American businesses and promote trade between the United States and Korea, it is important that we also build strong partnerships with other economic organizations across the nation. By working together, we can leverage our collective resources and expertise to create new opportunities for growth and success. For example, I am delighted to see President Mark Jaffe of the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce here with us today. Our partnership with the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce is a testament to the power of collaboration, and I look forward to continuing to work together to advance our shared goals.

I believe that together, we can achieve great things. The Korean American Chamber of Commerce USA has a proud legacy of serving our community, and I am committed to building on that legacy. It is an honor to lead this organization, and I look forward to working with each and every one of you to achieve our goals.


Thank you.

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