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James S. Kim

Operations Board Chairman

The Operations Board Chairman of the Korean American Chamber of Commerce USA (KACCCUSA) plays a critical role in representing the collective voice of 300,000 Korean American businesses across the United States. KACCCUSA serves as a platform to promote trade, foster friendly ties between the United States and Korea, and advance the interests of domestic Korean American businesses. As the Operations Board Chairman, he provides strategic leadership and guidance to ensure the organization effectively fulfills its mission and serves as a valuable resource for its 78 chapters nationwide.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Strategic Leadership: Develop and implement a strategic vision for KACCCUSA, aligning with the organization's mission and goals. He is responsible in  providing guidance and direction to drive organizational growth and impact.

  2. Advocacy and Representation: Serve as the key person for KACCCUSA, effectively advocating for the interests of Korean American businesses to government entities, industry stakeholders, and the public. Build strong relationships and partnerships to promote the organization's objectives.

  3. Operations Management: Oversee the day-to-day operations of KACCCUSA, ensuring efficient and effective functioning of the organization. Collaborate with the executive team and chapter leaders to coordinate activities, programs, and initiatives that benefit Korean American businesses and enhance trade relations between the United States and Korea.

  4. Strategic Partnerships: Cultivate and maintain partnerships with relevant organizations, government agencies, and businesses to expand KACCCUSA's reach and influence. Collaborate with external stakeholders to create mutually beneficial opportunities and initiatives that support the Korean American business community.

  5. Membership Engagement: Foster a strong and engaged membership base by developing programs and initiatives that provide value to members. Work closely with chapters to understand their needs and facilitate communication, collaboration, and networking among members.

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