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미주한인상공회의소총연합회 (이하, "미주총연")는 날로 확장되는 한인 경제계가 당면하고 있는 여러가지 과제들을 조직적이고 체계적으로 관리, 대응할 수 있는 적국적인 조직 구성의 필요성을 느껴, 1980년 뉴욕에서 창립되었습니다.  ​미주총연은 현재 70여 지역 상공회의소와 함께 약 300,000 의 미주한인 중소기업체의  권익을 대표하고 있는 미국 최대의 비영리 한인 사업체 연합기관으로 성장하였습니다.

The Korean American Chamber of Commerce USA (KACCUSA) was established in 1980 in New York City to effectively represent the expanding range of Korean American business interests in the United States. KACCUSA is composed of over 70 regional chambers of commerce, serving as a prominent collective voice for 300,000 Korean American businesses nationwide.

Dedicated to fostering the success of Korean American companies, KACCUSA fulfills its mission through various means, including advocacy, information dissemination, networking opportunities, and comprehensive business support services. Since its inception, KACCUSA has been committed to advocating for its member organizations and the wider Korean American business communities across the United States. Consequently, it has earned a reputation as the foremost and extensive networking organization for Korean American businesses in the nation.

KACCUSA's mission and objectives are multifaceted, encompassing the following key areas:

Representation: As a diverse organization, KACCUSA represents its members' common interests, serving as their collective voice on pertinent issues.

Networking and Information: KACCUSA provides a valuable platform for networking and accessing crucial information, enabling members to connect, collaborate, and stay informed about industry trends and opportunities.

Advocacy: Recognizing the significance of governmental engagement, KACCUSA actively advocates on behalf of its members, leveraging its trusted reputation to influence policy and decision-making processes.

Technical Assistance: KACCUSA offers technical assistance to its members, supporting them with essential guidance on matters such as corporate filings, acquiring licenses and permits, identifying funding sources, exploring procurement opportunities, implementing effective personnel management techniques, and developing strategic marketing plans.

Professional Development: KACCUSA organizes professional development workshops, equipping members with valuable skills, knowledge, and resources to enhance their business acumen and expand their professional horizons.

Market Expansion: KACCUSA facilitates opportunities for its members to market their products and services to non-Korean businesses, both within their respective regions and nationwide.

Trade Promotion: KACCUSA actively promotes and facilitates trade relations between the United States and Korea, forging stronger economic ties and fostering bilateral cooperation.

Friendship and Unity: KACCUSA works towards strengthening the bonds of friendship among its members and cultivating a spirit of civic pride within the Korean American business community.

Business Standards: KACCUSA promotes the adoption and application of sound business and professional standards, aiming to uplift and improve the Korean American business community.

Additionally, KACCUSA has launched a special committee dedicated to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), aiming to implement relevant projects that equip Korean American businesses with the necessary prerequisites to adapt to the rapid changes brought about by this new paradigm shift.

Drawing on data from the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau, it is estimated that Korean American businesses generated $108 billion in receipts, highlighting their significant economic impact.

Moving forward, KACCUSA, in collaboration with regional Korean American Chambers, remains committed to being a vital contributor to the Korean American business community, focusing on its core mission of advocating, promoting, and facilitating the success of Korean American businesses in the United States.

KACCUSA also works to enhance the economic and friendly relations between the United States and Korea, by creating trade and investment opportunities, promoting cultural exchange, and strengthening bilateral cooperation.



KACCUSA is proud to announce its partnership with Korean government agencies as the host of the prestigious 21st World Korean Business Convention (2023 WKBC) in Anaheim, California from October 11-14, 2023. This highly anticipated event will serve as a dynamic platform for over 400 Korean business exhibitors, 100+ importers, 4,000 entrepreneurs, and various Korean government entities to converge and strengthen the already robust trade ties between the United States and Korea. Moreover, the 2023 WKBC will also commemorate the 70th anniversary of the enduring alliance between the two countries, presenting an exceptional opportunity to showcase their remarkable achievements and immense potential for future collaboration.

As a longstanding and influential event, the World Korean Business Convention has consistently facilitated valuable networking opportunities and exploration of global business prospects for Korean businesses and entrepreneurs. With its debut in the United States, this Convention assumes a pivotal role in promoting trade and investment between our nations, making a substantial contribution to the growth of US-Korea trade.


We extend a warm invitation to both large and small US corporations, as well as esteemed US government agencies, to participate in this momentous trade event and join us in shaping a prosperous future for both nations.

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